Social Media & Beyond. 7.6.17

Social Media & Beyond. 7.6.17


Happy (almost) Friday everyone! *crickets*

This is one of those blog posts no one will read until like a year from now. In my head this blog is going to be super awesome. But who's to say really? 

So if you followed my website & social media over the past year you've probably been noticing some BIG changes. Website most definitely.  Almost done! I'm so excited to share with ya'll my new website updates. It's coming along nicely.

It's been an interesting challenge figuring out a website layout that best reflected all my art styles and interests. How does one blend illustration, dark humor, fine art, oceans, plant & energy healing studies AND random bits and bobs into one website? For real it was a tough one. I think I figured it out. Basically. 

My illustrations styles and art over the past few years have varied so much! About a year and a half ago I challenged myself to expand my creativity and challenge myself to try different mediums and styles. It was amazing. That's why my art was all over the darn place. I needed to grow and expand and it was the perfect challenge for me.

Now I'm working on pulling it all back ( everything i've studied and learned),focusing on the mediums and styles I feel that best reflect me as an artist and as a person today.

SO DRUM ROLL... why I reworked my site. I felt like I had a ton of old work on there that just didn't reflect the image I wanted to portray. What is that image you ask? I have no fucking idea. BUT some of my art wasn't it. 

I really hope you enjoy & definitely please check out my Instagram account. It is where I update the most & show my current workings :)


INSTAGRAM: sarah_margaret_frye

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News! New Vendor!

News! New Vendor!