Hello, Moon.

Hello Dear People. 
The Buzz word for this week  in my little world... BUSY.  Most of it is the HOT DAMN, awesome, kind of busy.  I just need to convince my body that I think!  

To be honest its been a bit of a whirlwind to keep my head on correctly this week.
Creatively I've been on fire!  Ideas swirling around my head. Lots of  ideas coming out on canvas. But there has been an energy this week that is triggering a great sense of anxiety and intense energy for me. Anxiety is something that I'm pretty familiar with. It just felt EXTRA INTENSE and transformation this week. A lot of "old" beliefs, situations, and thought patterns came up out of nowhere for me to deal with. An emotional upheaval if you will.
The Full Moon does this. It brings things that no longer serve you to light for you to process and release.  
So with that being said I decided to just deal with my shit the best I could. I dove right into my painting this week. Since last week I have finished six paintings! It is definitely a new record for me. It helped me visualize and give all this anxiety I've been feeling a purpose. 
This painting to the right is the one I did last Sunday under the full moon. 

A little about my current Moon studies! 

 Last Sunday ( 7/9/17) was the Full Moon or the "Full Buck Moon". It came up so fast from last months full moon it kind of hit me by surprise.  The Moon. I'm not sure why I never felt drawn to study it or connect with it. I never really have.  It was if .. BAM...  I just realized it was there. ALL OF A SUDDEN. Now I can't stop looking.  

Over the past year I've been slowly  diving  deeper and deeper into my studies . Studies of Shamanism, plant medicine,  witchery , & energy healing.   I've been peeling back the layers of self . As my  knowledge of such things expands,  my eyes are becoming  wider to the earth we live on. Have you ever noticed when you start thinking about something it kind of starts showing up EVERYWHERE? That's kind of how its been. Moon phases all over the damn place! Everywhere.  To further my studies of magic, herbalism,  & the bits and bobs of the metaphysical world I recently enrolled in THE SCHOOL OF WITCHERY online. I've been following the teachers, herbalists, and practitioners now for some time. I woke up a few weeks ago and knew  I needed to be part of it. It was a natural choice so I took it. The first class I took was about the MOON, medical astrology and the lunar cycle & it's effects on our health. If that isn't a sign I don't know what is. 

(top: painting I did under the full moon)

(bottom: my messy studio) 


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New Studio

New Studio

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