Happy 2018!!


Where has the time gone? 

I realized it's been a few months since my last post! 

Lets do a quick update!

I'll start by saying 2017 was a bit cray cray. For serious though. It was BUSY. Not only for my art business but for my personal life as well. 
2017 Run down...
-Moved mid year   -Did about 15-20 art markets & shows ( i lost count to be honest)   - Launched my website & youtube      -- Gained 500 Instagram followers ( insane?!)  -- Started  a new job at a Holistic Center -- Started teaching classes & meditation
-Bearded boyfriend started a new job & started school -- Holiday Madness --- --Started working at a local organic cafe -- Mural Projects - Freelance

Carson ( my lovely bearded boyfriend) & I have really worked our butts off this year establishing our careers and our goals.  I began 2017 with so many goals & i'm so happy to say that I accomplished a good mess of them!  The biggest goal of 2017 was to do as many shows as physically and mentally possible.  DONE & DONE. By doing this I wanted to extend my audience and network and I've met so many amazing people doing shows this year! It was my mission when I decided to begin my art business almost two years ago to take that time to FIND MY VOICE as an artist and human. Thus... try as many modalities as possible, say yes to any opportunity, & to educate myself as much as possible. I feel so grateful for all the loves and support i've been receiving through these past two years.  I am now at a beautiful place where I can take all i've learned and begin to focus on what gives me the most joy in this career.  I feel ready. 

As 2017 ended and 2018 began I planned on a great shift happening. 2018 for me is going to be all about just doing art that defines me & brings me joy.  I will be stepping away from doing shows & switch gears. Switching focus in my businesses and life to define my voice and  to really focus on the subjects that inspire me the most! Teaching classes, Botanical illustration, animals, & my monsters/creatures. As well as to  to pin down my dream of writing and illustrating a book. 

In my Holistic business as well, that I slowly began the end of last year, there is so much in store. This part of my life developed so organically and naturally it is pretty magnificent. When I began working at the holistic center last year I had no idea that I would be where. I can't wait to see where 2018 brings me with this part of my life. So far its been nothing but inspiring and good! 

I feel so happy to be able to be in a position to refocus on building a more defined art community and style.  I'm excited for whats to come this year and i hope you all are as well!  I have much more to share but i'll save that for another post. hehe

Thank you all for coming on this adventour with me! 






sarah frye