Tuesday Snow Day

Tuesday Snow Day

Happy Tuesday friends!

It is a snow day here in New England and I am stuck at home today!  At first I was a little dissapointed  because I've been really looking forward to heading into the holistic center today. However, it actually turned into a beautiful day of working on some much needed foundation work for this new chapter i'm embarking on in my life. 

I've been in serious brain storm mode these past few weeks. It almost like it  can't be stopped. I feel like my brain has been in overdrive with creativity, ideas, inspiration, and thoughts and its been overwhelming and amazing at the same time! With the  last full moon a few weeks ago.... I feel as if it set some things in motion and its been a whirlwind ever since. 

A big goal for me this month was to really buckle down and focus on building my holistic and creative practice.
Focusing on my WHAT? and WHY? 
Why am I being called to follow this path?
Why is it i'm doing this? 
What kind of practitioner do I strive to be? 
What kind of people do I wish to work with? 
What am I doing?!  :)

I feel like at the beginning of any new chapter it is super important to sit with these questions.  As well as similar "foundation" questions to be able to really establish a solid platform to build upon.  

Even though I'm still figuring out some more specific answers to these questions, I feel as if I have some plans in place to get rolling! 

One of the biggest notions I've been dwelling on these days is the  "Who Am I?" 
Mainly when it comes to the world of a holistic practitioner and my businesses. 

Allowing myself to look at it in this way, helps me to be able to connect that my story and the "WHO I AM"  is the reason why I'm doing this.  Why I practice the holistic arts, why I am an artist, and why teach holistic practice. 

Who AM I & WHO do I attract. 
Who AM I & WHAT is it that I can offer is is unique & needed.
Who AM I & Why would one be attracted to coming to see me. 
Who AM I & How do I influence others. 
Who AM I & WHO do I wish to be? 

A huge part my goal for 2018 was to learn to blend my "who I am's".
I am an artist, I am a teacher, I am an experiencer, I am a survivor, and I am a witch. I've always striven to blend the aspects of myself just never understood how. Up until recently, pretty darn recently actually, it was not clear. I've always known  that all the things I've been learning these past many years will come together one day.. i just didn't know exactly how!  Almost like magic at the end of last year... it ALL CAME TOGETHER.

How I would be able to teach, be an artist, and be a holistic practitioner under one business ideal.  I know now how to be able to do what I love and create a thriving life for myself.  

When it all started to come together is when I started to allow myself to be ME. To truly let in both the light, the dark, and be able to look at myself straight in the eyes and be me. This is called Shadow Work or similar what I like to call it Root Work.  Stay turned for a more in depth post about that soon .

I'm feeling really grateful to be able to begin to do what I love. By asking myself all these questions i'm really starting to know the foundation behind my practice and my work.
"How can I help others connect back to themselves?"
"The foundation of health is balance in both mind, body and spirit."
"How to connect "you" with " you". "

The more I allow myself to be myself.
To connect with who I am without judgement.
To accept and love all myself the closer I get to balance. 



Dear Coffee.

Dear Coffee.

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