As part of my morning ritual I've been doing mini "messages" readings that i've been putting on my Facebook page. I wanted to begin to start sharing them here as well! <3

Monday Messages

There is a lot to be said for today's reading. 
The light in my studio stays dark as the snow falls outside.
" Patience" I'm getting. I feel like I still am in need of a few more days of hibernation. 

I've been receiving a lot of repeat themes yhesevpast two weeksm Water. Flow. Emotion. Focus. Knowing that everything is exactly as It should be.

" Be patient with yourself because the water flows around you. It fills your life, your cups , your emotions. Focus and watch as It flows. It's easy to focus on everything not working but its more important that you don't. Watch as things unfold and parts of yourself merge . Stay steady and know that there are much greater aspects at work"


Self Worth & Happenings

Self Worth & Happenings