Self Worth & Happenings

Self Worth & Happenings

Hello dear friends.
It is I Sarah Margaret Frye!

It has been a while since I've written in this blog. 
A few weeks ago I I took a much needed step back from a lot of my "happenings".Including my social media presence  on Instagram as well as my site.   Winter here in New England is pretty rough sometimes. Personally,  March has been historically, usually a pretty "down month". 
My body, mind, as well as my spirit are struggling a bit to catch up to the excitement my life that  has been unfolding for me. 

My March blues has seemed to leak over into my April  this year.  There is so much growth in all of this.
I don't want to sound like I'm complaining here..... however, WINTER IT'S TIME TO GO. 

I'm finding my strength again to start bringing back some much needed loves in my life. I have not been able to or focus much on doing art these days. My energies have been elsewhere and that's ok. I miss flowing and arting but there are other things I need to focus on and it totally paid off.  It will start flowing again.. it always does. 

A big part of this year was about establishing my holistic practice. I began holding meditations as well as workshops that focused on holistic/intuitive art. It has been the most amazing experience and I'm looking forward to continuing this journey.  Building anything worth while takes time. Foundations are being built right now that I probably can't even see! 

This past week I was granted the opportunity to finally leave food service. I would say forever but I can't predict that!  My ability to work this trade is well past its "eat by" date. My cup, I feel, has emptied when it comes to customer service, food, and constant dealing with the public. It began to test my patience way more than it ever has and i felt that this chapter in my life was coming to a close. Through the past month there has been so many inner conflicts revolving around self worth and the loop of such i've continued on for so long.  

WHAT AM I WORTH? --- Being able to rationalize on a much deeper level that the value I hold for myself and voice is much more important that I ever imagined. Through meditation and help through my tarot I was able to dive deeper into this. I've realized I've been stuck in a narrative of taking jobs, putting myself in situations, and events in which my efforts are looked over, credit is given to others, and I am underpaid.  I've been stuck in the loop of taking jobs in which  the energy exchange in not equal. Putting myself in positions where my knowledge and intelligence can't shine and I am not seen. That is no one else fault. It was my own. I've been able to deeply reflect upon this in great deal these past weeks.  WHY? --- because I couldn't see my value. When you can't see your own value how could anyone expect others too? 

When I began to harness the power of this new notion it was like the world listened.
The doors that have opened for me have been magical.
Have I broken the cycle? I think i'm almost there. 

I'm really looking forward to this new chapter in my life as I step into this new path as a holistic practitioner. It's going to be very ... very... interesting :)



Dear Coffee.

Dear Coffee.