Learning to Read the Auras

JULY 14| Saturday| 2p-4p

Western Mass Wellness

$49.00 Per Person    413.244.4660

In this two hour class  you will be learning all about AURAS! During class, we will be diving right into to what auras are on both a spiritual as well as scientific level.  Bringing a greater awareness into how to use auras in your life.

In this workshop you will learn, through meditation and exercises, how to develop your skills into being able to “see” your aura and the auras of people around you. This skill offers great insight into the people you relate with on a daily basis, especially, if you teach, counsel, guide, sell, assess or do any form of healing work. You will gain greater awareness and understanding that can be achieved by opening your natural ability to view the auras of people, animals, and energies around us!

Class is $49.00 paid via online at or by calling the Center at 413-244-4660.