Creating a Space for Healing

A huge part of my business is promoting the importance of self care and being your authentic self as much as you can every day. Showing up every day and being truthful to who you are as much as you can. Being truthful to your needs.

I was forced this week to really sit down and evaluate what matters most to me. Why is it i'm in the business of self care and holistic living? I had a deep relaxation that I do this because it allows me help people the best way I know how.


To create a space for healing and to create a safe space where someone can step back from their life so they can step back into themselves. I don't take this lightly and I'm damn proud of everyone I work with. Taking even the tiniest leeps forward to take control of their health and want to be the best versions of themselves. I feel so lucky to work with such warriors.

sarah frye