JOIN ME ON PATREON.. ( oh and a small rant)!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the beautiful weather out there these past few days. Coming back from my mini vacation I feel really great about all the new things to come as July turns to August! Being away helped me realize EVEN MORE the importance of taking a step back & self care. I love my work ( I really do).. both my holistic and art business Sarah M. Frye Design give me so much joy. But I will confess.. I'm a workaholic. I thrive off the excitement and working towards goals. But that, my downfall... burn out. Getting away for a few days was perfect to just get myself out of my routine and looking at the big picture of my life, my work, and my relationships.

A big goal of mine to is better merge my passions, business, & life. Organically my art business and my holistic practice has been blending together quite nicely, as i've been teaching more holistic art classes & teaching others about self care Everything in life changes, blends, and flows if you let it. Easier said than done.. oh yes. But it works. Flowing & being present with yourself. I've been really enjoying how things are evolving and changing the more I dive in, work with clients, & continue doing art. Setting goals is amazing and I thrive off it.. but it's so important to not resist when things go in other directions.

With all that being said.. I want to introduce you all to the creative part of my business and what I've been steadily working on this year. I am launching a PATREON site so I can focus more on the Creativity, Holistic Care for Creatives ( & everyone!) , space to work on my illustrated book, and I predict so much more. <3 I'm excited for the future and being able to connect with you all on a deeper level.

To learn more about PATREON visit


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