What's Your Superpower?

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

I've got a question for you!
On my drive back from Boston yesterday, I thought of a question I wanted to ask you guys.

👉What's something about yourself that you feel is "negative" about yourself that you have turned into a SUPERPOWER?

Something that others have made fun of you for or you dislike(d) about yourself. Something that you turned around to help your life, not hurt it. You can still struggle with this thing... but you've learned to mold it into something else for yourself?

👉I've recently dived a little deeper into the concept of SELF CARE. On a holistic level, as well as a tool for being the best YOU. I've been trying to look at it from all angles.

👉A few months ago I started listening to a PODCAST
( The Creative Pep Talk) by a creator named Andy J. Miller ( Pizza) www.andy-j-miller.com.

👉He talks about having ADHD *attention deficit hyperactivity disorder* as an adult and he turned it around to be his SUPERPOWER. * mic drop* This opened my eyes and I realized that I also have the ADHD SUPERPOWER. This is something that I've had some struggles with through the years. 
     It sometimes, makes it very difficult for me to concentrate on things that don't interest me (and things that do) Staying focused & not getting distracted by every little thing. 
     I've learned to use it to my advantage in some ways, but not as fully as I could be! Andy talked about how ADHD is AWESOME, because it makes us super focused and passionate about certain things that we will never give up on! 
     We become SO hyper focused on that thing and we GO ALL IN! Which is pretty fantastic when the thing i'm ADHD about these days is my creative and holistic business and being there for you guys <3.

I don't give up, ever!

➡So what about you?? What's your SUPERPOWER?
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