I'm officially a doTerra Wellness Advocate!

I'm officially a doTerra Wellness Advocate!


Happy Monday & Welcome!

Listen friends… I’m not one to be salesy. But I took the leap and officially became a doTerra essential oils Wellness Advocate. This means, you can buy doTerra directly through me or become a customer yourself!

I flipping love essential oils.

Whether at home, during a therapeutic massage, to help a stomach ache, cleaning my house, or even smelling to give me a little boost to teach a workshop! About a year ago I was introduced and I never went back!

I always recognized the healing power of plants, but damn, this really made me more of a believer!

Check out some options below if you wish to learn more or order some essential oils for you & your family! Love, Sarah

🌿Option #1: Order Retail Through My Ordering Page:
|| Great option for those who want your essential oils quick\sent to your house and only plan on "testing out this EO's thing!"||

-Click here: https://www.doterra.com/US/en/site/sarahmfryelmt
-Click “Shop” & Start Shopping! 
-Look through the products. Once you’ve found something you’d like, add the quantity in the box and add it to your cart. 
- Through this method you are paying retail prices, it will be shipped right to your door! ( Check out below how to get wholesale prices) 
When you’re done shopping, click the “Check Out” button in the top right hand corner.
Enter your info, and you’re done!

🌿Option #2: Order doTERRA Essential Oils at Wholesale Cost (25% off!):
Just take a look at the wholesale vs retail cost and see the huge difference.
|| The perfect option for those who wish to order a ton and plan on using essential oils a lot! Or if you wish to become a WELLNESS ADVOCATE, like me! ||

-Go to mydoterra.com/sarahmfryelmt
-Click “Join & Save” in the top menu
-Click the green “JOIN doTERRA” button at the bottom (you’ll have the option to become a customer or a wellness advocate!)
Choose “Wholesale Customer” and click “Continue”
(Choose WELLNESS ADVOCATE only if you wish to sell and be an essential oils advocate like me!) 
-Fill out your info and click “Continue”
Choose the kit you’d like ( this waves the start up fee) & enter your payment info, and order! 
-Being a wholesale customer is awesome and gets you lots of fun discounts!

Please feel free to message or email me with any orders or questions! If you guys would like to do another event in the future please let me know <3

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