"This is Going to Take Forever" Project

June of 2018 I started a project that I have called the "This is Going to Take Forever" Project. 

As the winter turned to spring of 2018 I was stuck in a bit of a rut.

Winter in New England isn't always the most inspiring time for me. Creativity just didn't flow. So I took a month or so off.

What is it that inspired me to do art? What is a project I can focus on that will be fun, no pressure, and something I can continue to work on for some time? 
So I grabbed a large piece ( 2 ft by 3 ft)  of watercolor paper and just went for it. Thus the birth of the project.  My goal is to work on it an hour a day.  
Check out my INSTAGRAM for daily updates. I'll update this section every week. :) 

Email - sarahmargaretfrye@gmail.com

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