Tarot Reading || $49 ||

Tarot Reading || $49 ||


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Having your Tarot Read can be a beautiful way to gain guidance in your journey through life. This ten card reading can give you perspective and insight into a question or situation you've been holding onto. Our human history with tarot is a long one. Forms of tarot reading can be seen as far back as 1440!

This ten card (in depth) reading is perfect for those who have been trying to make a decision, curious about an outcome, meanings behind dreams, as well as themes involving money, love, and decision. This is a great reading to let do and allow the cards to show you what you need to see!

With this reading, I will draw ten tarot cards using the “Wildwood Tarot” Deck while focusing you, on your question, or general needs. This reading is designed to give you answers based off your needs and general awareness of outcomes. Sometimes cards are drawn to show you specific focus, skills, ideas you are suppose to focus on.

It can be quite an exciting experience!


At Check out please provide me with the following!

*Your Name

*Date of Birth

*Your Question or Area of Focus or you can say “General Reading” & the cards will guide you!

*Your Email address you would like me to send your reading to

*Readings will be done within 3-5 days after all is provided! :)

---When reading is done you will receive a photo of your reading and I will provide you with a written answer to your reading and how it read!

*Life is awkward sometimes. Please know that I do not judge and am open to the "silliest" of questions! So no worries.

Thank you so much for including me on your journey!

Much Love,




All readings are for entertainment purposes only and cannot replace medical, legal, or other expert advice. Tarot can help guide decisions or questions you have. I hold the right to refuse any reading.

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